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Frequently Asked Questions

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We do!  And we make the ordering process easier than you’re probably used to.  We want you to love your photos every day when you see them in your home or office.  Whether you are looking for framed wall art, canvas prints, gift prints, albums, or specialty prints like acrylic blocks – we’ve got you covered!   Our print pricing guide will be sent to you once you’ve reached out to us through our contact form.

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Many of our clients lead busy lives and prefer to conduct all pre-session and pre-wedding consultations via phone and email.  We can make sure you get all of the information you need, including our exclusive Style Guide, well in advance of your session so you’ll be fully prepared.  If you would like to meet your photographer in advance of your session, our studio staff are happy to arrange a meeting for you either at our Fort Myers studio or a location convenient for you.

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Absolutely!  Once you’ve told us which day you’d like to book, we will provide you with individual photographer portfolios for you to choose from.  In order to reserve us for your portrait session or wedding day please contact us either by submitting a contact form, phone at (239) 826-5682 or email at studio@sebrie.com and let us know you are ready to reserve a photographer.

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To save you money and get your images to you as fast as possible, we do not include USB drives but instead you will receive an online gallery through which you can download your images and order prints and products.  All of our digital files include printing rights up to size 8×10 – however, we cannot guarantee print quality, color correctness, or image longevity unless prints are ordered though us.  Anything over an 8×10 must be ordered through us so that we can ensure your large prints are made with a quality you can be proud of.

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Sebrie Images Photography has been in Southwest Florida for 20 years.  We are a legal, insured, tax-paying business which means when you hire us, you’re supporting a local small business that contributes to the economy and the community.

We are a network of photographers, meaning we work with several professional photographers and have a style to meet everyone’s needs.  We also have backup photographers in case anything goes wrong on the day of your booking!

And we value photography and what your photos will mean to your family.  We believe in the importance of having images prints and tangible rather than forgotten about on some computer.  Sebrie clients love having a photography company that understands printing, framing, and home styling.

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Our studio is located at:

Sebrie Images Photography
1342 Colonial Blvd
Ste. C23
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Our hours are Monday-Friday, 10am to 4pm

We also have a permanent desk in the lobby at Pink Shell Resort for Pink Shell guests!  Call 239-463-8640 for details.

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