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Sebrie Images > Baby Photography  > Downtown Fort Myers “Milestone” Baby Portraits

Downtown Fort Myers “Milestone” Baby Portraits

Throughout a child’s life there are many milestones and they begin at a very early age. From the first smile, the first coo, to the first step, each mark is of utmost importance in the child’s life and development. Bryden is 9 months old and has just started to crawl. We met this adorable little guy and his mom in downtown Fort Myers to get some 9 month portraits and Bryden was ready to explore everything! He was so curious and used his newly learned skill to check out his surroundings. Bryden is an extremely happy baby and didn’t at all seem to mind us in his face snapping photos. His mom can’t believe how fast 9 months have gone by and we warned her to enjoy every little moment and milestone… soon he’ll be driving a car to get around!

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