How to Prepare for Your Portraits

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How to Prepare for Your Portraits

Choosing the outfits for your portrait session is just as important as deciding where to take the photos.  Here are some tips for ways you can make your portrait session pop without letting your clothes become distracting.

Match your clothes to your environment

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt for a portrait session on the beach sounds comfy, until you get there and realize the pants are making you overheated and you don’t want to jump in the ocean for the perfect photo because nothing is worse than wet jeans!  Consider the comfiness and functionality of your clothes specifically in the context of the environment where you’ll be shooting.  Beaches, for example, are usually quite hot and windy, so while wearing a loose dress may seem like the most comfortable option it may also become challenging on a blustery day!  Consider structured or loose fitting skirts and dresses that you will be able to control in the wind, loose-fitting slacks and shorts, and shirts that breathe well.  When shooting in other locations, think about how your outfit will look among the trees/buildings/scenery.


Wear or bring shoes appropriate for your session. If you want to wear nice shoes in your photos but they aren’t great for walking long distances in, that’s ok – bring some flip flops to wear for walking in and change into your dress shoes for the photos!  For beach photos, wear shoes you can easily slip off in case you want to be barefoot.

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Colors and Clothing Patterns

There are so many options to choose from when deciding how to coordinate your clothing colors with other members of your party.  We’ve put together an inspiration board for family portraits on our Pinterest page to help you out!  You can choose to pick one color and build everyone’s outfit around that, or mix-and-match solids with prints, or pick two or three complimentary colors to weave throughout everyone’s outfits!  The possibilities are endless.  There are no real “don’ts” when it comes to choosing your outfits, but we suggest avoiding wearing clashing colors, mixing too many bold prints, and always refrain from wearing graphic tees or clothing with large logos.


Refrain from wearing sunglasses during your session (except for maybe in one or two fun photos)- another reason why midday photography is not recommended! If you wear glasses, try wearing a pair for your session that are both non-transitional as well as glare-free. If you do not have glasses that fit these categories, consider bringing an extra frame which does not contain lenses to avoid any reflection or glare from our flashes.


Bring snacks for the little ones. Sometimes we have to work around our children’s schedules, and that’s ok! Consider the times they normally eat and/or nap when scheduling your session. Bring a few snacks along to help keep them satisfied and even to give as a reward for being such awesome kids. You may also want to consider bringing some bottled water for the really hot days!

Bring some bug spray- this is Florida…there are critters that can’t wait for you to get outside! When it’s humid, we know how much all the mosquitoes and no-see-ums love to bombard us, make sure you bring a bottle of your preferred bug spray, or, apply some right before your session. You’ll be glad you did!

Enjoy the session

A photo session should be a positive experience for everyone. It should also be an opportunity to connect with your family or partner. Laughter and fun really draw out personality and create more authentic photos. In order to relax in front of the camera, set aside expectations and just be yourself. Avoid posing for the camera. Play and interact with your family or partner as you normally would at home and in real-life. Allowing yourself to have a good time will make genuinely happy photos.

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