Lakes Park Engagement Portraits Featuring Sentimental Couple

Lakes Park Engagement Portraits Featuring Sentimental Couple

She works as a children’s librarian. He is in business development. Their story began when they met at a friend’s going away party. After they casually parted ways that night, they continued to run into each other – at the gym, the library, and in parking lots. He finally asked her to dinner at a local Italian restaurant and the rest is history. Now ready to commit to a life of togetherness, Rich and Kristy chose to sprinkle emblems of shared hobbies and sentimental values to celebrate their love in their engagement shoot at Lakes Park in Fort Myers.

Rich and Kristy are the kind of down-to-earth couple you want to be best friends with the moment you meet them. Their personality and love for the “simple things” in life shine through in these snapshots. They chose to incorporate family heirlooms to add creativity to their photos as well as tell their story. The quilt is hand-made by Kristy’s grandmother and one of the books featured is her grandfather’s favorite read. Both Kristy and Rich are avid Scrabble fans and have spent many hours of enjoyment together spelling out their dreams, ambitions, and plans for the future over the classic game. These old worldly relics featured in their pictures- from painted barns and shaded picnics on grandmother’s quilt, to children’s books on a park bench and a timeless board game- hearken the soul to a place of refined simplicity. That simplicity is perhaps the most defining feature of this shoot, and the most striking facet of this couple: no prop can add to the authenticity of this couple in love.

Rich and Kristy were a delight to shoot and I am so excited to capture all the moments of their special day for their March wedding. As they prepare for the future as a married couple who continue to embrace all the simple pleasures of life, may they come to share in the timeless words of Joseph Addison—“A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendships, all the enjoyment of sense and reason – and indeed all the sweets of life.”

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