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Sebrie Images > creative high school senior portraits  > Sanibel historical museum and village – Sanibel Beach Florida

Sanibel historical museum and village – Sanibel Beach Florida

The Aaron family wanted family portraits in a setting that stuck to their Southern roots. We knew the perfect place! The “”””Sanibel historical museum and village is a museum and garden of seven historic buildings from the island, all moved here in one place and restored back to their original state. Buildings like the old school house, general store, post office and packing house some dating back to the early 1900s. The rustic look of the buildings and even old wagon wheels make the “”””Sanibel historical museum and village an easy venue to shoot for these rural type portraits. Just the garden and foliage that surrounds the buildings alone makes great backdrops for anyone looking to add a little greenery into their photographs. Check out just a few of the shots we got with the gorgeous ladies, and Dad, around the museum. This location would even be ideal for senior portraits. If interested in viewing more of our art, please visit our online gallery at “”””www.sebrie.com




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