Avid Sports Fans’ Creative Family Portraits at South Seas

Avid Sports Fans’ Creative Family Portraits at South Seas

Tis’ the season…. for Sunday afternoon NFL parties, (slightly) cooler weather, and mouthwatering cookouts with friends and family.

Tis‘ the season… of Fall!

As another football season is under way, the Callaghan Family is dressed and ready to support their favorite sports team. The extended clan of the Callaghan’s came together for this year’s creative family portraits. A total of 34 members make up this fun loving family, all of which, in case you’re wondering, are avid sports fans.

The photographs were taken on South Seas Beach and involved lots of laughter and cheers- which just happens to be the natural way of expressing emotion for these fanatics. The family was able to kill multiple birds with one stone as they took large group photos, individual family shots, “just the grandkids”, and a combination of others in enough candid shots to fill an album for the living room coffee table.

The team jerseys give these portraits a unique and creative touch that will set their family Christmas cards apart from the rest. It was a blast to work with the Callaghan clan and see the way their team spirit goes beyond their love of the game into their love for each other.


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