Beach Wedding Do’s And Don’ts

beach wedding

Beach Wedding Do’s And Don’ts

Knowing beach wedding do’s and don’ts helps you plan an ideal beach wedding.

Do Consider Your Wedding Attire

The heat of the beach means you want lighter wedding gown fabrics and lightweight attire for him. Many men choose linen suits while women choose wedding dresses made of chiffon or silk with no train.
Wearing a shorter dress is an option for brides while grooms sometimes wear Bermuda shorts.

Do Consider Footwear On The Beach

A beach wedding is not the place for heels. Wearing flats, sandals or going barefoot are options that brides and grooms consider for their beach wedding.
Offer a shoe valet with flip-flops for guests so they do not struggle when walking in the sand. You do not want Grandpa Jones or Aunt Mary to fall in the sand while wearing regular shoes.

Do Consider Location And Permit Requirements

Do not plan on simply setting up your wedding on your favorite beach. Many beaches require permits for weddings or do not offer a privacy option.
Research any permit requirements, noise ordinance laws and other potential beach wedding requirements.

Don’t Get Married In The Middle Of The Day

Beach destinations are an outstanding option until you, your groom and guests are in mid-day sweltering heat. You also don’t want pictures to be full of squinting faces, as early hours tend to be more sunny.
If you plan your wedding earlier in the day, consider getting a tent or having the ceremony in a cabana. However, a great option for beach weddings is later in the afternoon, as temperatures are lower, the sun is not as bright, and you can have the option of beautiful sunset couple’s portraits.

Don’t Offer Heavy Food Or Drinks

Beach weddings call for lighter fare. No one wants heavy food or drinks at a beach wedding or reception. Offer seasonal or destination grilled meats, veggies or fruits, along with fresh options. Offer ice-cold bottled water as guests enter the ceremony area.

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