Five ideas For Unique Senior Pictures

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Five ideas For Unique Senior Pictures

Senior pictures offer more than simple photo opportunities. Unique senior pictures allow your interests and personality to shine through, captured as forever memories.
Consider these unique ideas for your senior pictures.

Your Favorite Location

Gone are the days when photographers took the same senior pictures of everyone at the same location.
Do you have a favorite location that you enjoy when spending time with family or friends? Is there a favorite location that you escape to for private time with just the clear blue sky above your head? Consider your favorite location, landmark or special place for your senior pictures.

Capture The Real You

Let your personality and interests shine by choosing options that express your fun side.
The steps to your school, the football field, standing next to your favorite ice cream shop or restaurant with your favorite food in hand or holding your favorite musical instrument all make for unique senior picture options.

It Is All In The Details

Everyone is not a fashionista, yet your senior pictures offer a unique, fun opportunity to show off your favorite accessories or get a close-up of details of your favorite outfit.
Let your accessories or specific fabric details of your outfit reflect your personality or sense of fashion.

Unexpected Poses Delight

Have fun with poses by jumping, lying down, dancing or kicking the water. Do whatever seems fun and unexpected for your senior pictures.

Bring Props Or Fluffy Along

Bring your favorite props or pet for your pictures. Fluffy or Rover adds a unique, memorable touch to your senior photos.
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