How to plan an Eco Friendly Destination Wedding

How to plan an Eco Friendly Destination Wedding

 It is becoming more and more popular for eco friendly couples to plan destination weddings. There are many things you can do to make your wedding as environmentally friendly as possible.

Some of our favorite eco friendly destination weddings have used the following to help them:

  • Having a green registry
  • Buying reused wedding gowns
  • Digital invitations are a way to save time, money and the environment as well.
  • Air travel can be tough on the environment. Buying carbon offsets to compensate for your travel related carbon footprint is a great way to become environmentally friendly.
  • When picking your blooms for wedding flowers you can discuss how to use blooms that are raised in an organically environment or local  instead of being flown in across the states. Gladiolus is a great example of a locally South West Florida grown flower that is ideal for centerpieces.
  • recycled glass for centerpieces, sand ceremonies and glasswear
  • Rustic Guest Books   using eco friendly wood and fibers
  • Select an eco friendly photographer that uses environmentaly friendly practices and produts

At Sebrie Images Photography we love to be as Eco Friendly as possible. Environmentally conscious behavior can be found everywhere and we love to assist our brides as much as possible. In our studio we can now print on bamboo, our specialty cards and albums can be printed on recycled paper and our studio has implemented a new recycling program!


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